Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blanket 411

So what's all this craziness all about. Let me tell you. My child is in 2nd grade and has spent the past 2 years struggling in a traditional class room. Why you might ask? Because for one he's a kid with ADD and expecting him to sit and listen to a talking head (sorry teachers) for many hours a day is completely unreasonable. On top of his inability even while medicated to focus on what's being taught he also has a language based learning disability. What does that mean in simple terms? Well the way I understand it is, when you are speaking to him because of this problem, and lack of focus he may hear the first 3 words you say and then stop listening, because he's trying to comprehend the first 3 words. In the meantime you are still talking. And trust me he ain't listening unless you are talking about Chicken Little, Finding Nemo, or any other character he might be in love with at the moment. So in the short meeting with the child psychologist from childrens hospital, she mentioned and reccomended Springer School. So being the keen investigator I am I investigated, only to find the perfect learning enviroment for my child, in my very own city. A special school for kids with learning disabilities. Problem was the cost......completely comparable to that of a college tuition. So I applied for financial aid at the school, and was awarded a good amount but not enough to get the tuition to fit into my budget. So as God would have it I began finding other means, considering my husband was completely stressed about the cost. Oh yee of little faith! If it's God plan it'll happen, that's just who I am, and so it is. Blanket selling seems to be quite successful, and will get me where I need to be, I am completely confident in that. Thanks to my multitalented sewing maniac mother. If you recieve a blanket and the stitches are slightly off, that's because we have lots of orders and I had to chip in. Blanket facts:
54" x 44"
Great for babies, kids and adults
Awesome for summer camp, nursing homes, sporting events and traveling.
One side is flannel other side is cotton
sewn with great love by Geegaw
I am going to try for about 8-10 blankets a week. Which means we are at a 2 week waiting period. There is one up on e-bay under Yoda0419. With all the orders I'm not sure I'll be putting anymore up on ebay unless we get more sewers. We can pretty much do most themes, that's my thought now until I go shopping, but so far I've not got any unreasonable requests. So fire away.


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