Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sewing Help.....

Cyndi may or may not appreciate this photo of her, but I think it's a nice photo, and it happens to be on my computer. Well mom got some sewing help, since I have yet to sit myself down at the sewing machine to sew. I did a whole lot of pinning and trimming. Cyndi sews, and sews quite well from what I've seen. I can't even sew straight. Ask Connie, her blanket looks crazy, shhhh....I don't think she noticed and it was a gift, so she can't complain. She knew it was from my heart. So not only is Cyndi sewing, she has an embroidery machine and is offering her embroidery services so for an extra $5 we can throw a name on there. How about that for a sweet hook up? So had to show Cyndi some love since she's sewing....and well I'm not...yet! But I see some serious sewing in my future. We are at 28 orders, 10 have been completed. Room for plenty more. Posted by Picasa


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