Saturday, May 13, 2006


Sherri was my first order after posting my ad at work. She started the domino effect that now has be searching the city for all sorts of fabric. Very cool stuff. Much love to Cyndi for sewing and embroidering. Here's Sherri's testimony:

"You'll probably think I'm crazy to get one for our cat, but she's elderly, and she loves to sleep on our bed, both during the day and at night. I put that blanket down at the bottom for her, in hopes of keeping the cat hair off the comforter, and let me tell you, she was instantly in love with it!! She slept on it all evening yesterday evening, and all night last night - when I left this morning, that's where she was. She must know it was made just for her - so tell Perry that Mia the cat loves her blanket!"

I hope she sends me a picture!


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