Sunday, May 14, 2006

Very Cool!

How cool is Cyndi and her fancy machine? That's dang cool! Well I am up to 40 orders have filled about 15 or so. Cyndi sew'd 5 this weekend, and took 2 more. It appears my job is scouting fabric and pinning. Mom and Cyndi are sewing. Cyndi is hooking up the sweet embroidering.....can't get over how cool that looks. Megan will love it. Her mommy is hopefully have a baby right now. Happy baby having thoughts for Connie. Praying things are going smoothly. Another Testimonial.......
A co-worker Angie ordered 2 blankets one for her daughter with frogs to match a 4H project, an one for her son Kyle, solar system fabric. She took it home and her daughter was pleased it matched her PJ sewing project. And Kyle well lets just say he was overjoy'd, and wouldn't take it out of the package for fear that it would get messed up. Was excited to take it to school the next day to show all his friend. Pretty cool considering he's a 9 year old boy, and well it's a blanket!

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