Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blanket Production slow this week....

Life seems to be getting in the way. Only another week of school left and then we can kick it into high gear. So please feel free to send us your orders. I got the nursing print. Mom picked it up at Stitches today. A little pricey, but Angie's sister will really love it. Still on the hunt for Noah's Ark, hope to check Hancocks tomorrow. Saw the same ugly print at Joannes again yesterday. I promise you if you order a blanket I will not choose ugly fabric. Gotta represent!

We meet with Springers administrator on Thursday. Looking forward to getting things rolling, and some questions answered. If anyone knows anything about grants for early education gimme a shout.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fabric Madness

So if you know of a good medical print, like for nursing or doctors....let me know because that's what I am in search of right now. I also need a good Noahs Ark print....found one today but it was horrible.
Check out some more embroidery action....many many many props to the sewing master Cyndi. I am growing quite fond of Hello Kitty.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Very Cool!

How cool is Cyndi and her fancy machine? That's dang cool! Well I am up to 40 orders have filled about 15 or so. Cyndi sew'd 5 this weekend, and took 2 more. It appears my job is scouting fabric and pinning. Mom and Cyndi are sewing. Cyndi is hooking up the sweet embroidering.....can't get over how cool that looks. Megan will love it. Her mommy is hopefully have a baby right now. Happy baby having thoughts for Connie. Praying things are going smoothly. Another Testimonial.......
A co-worker Angie ordered 2 blankets one for her daughter with frogs to match a 4H project, an one for her son Kyle, solar system fabric. She took it home and her daughter was pleased it matched her PJ sewing project. And Kyle well lets just say he was overjoy'd, and wouldn't take it out of the package for fear that it would get messed up. Was excited to take it to school the next day to show all his friend. Pretty cool considering he's a 9 year old boy, and well it's a blanket!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006


Sherri was my first order after posting my ad at work. She started the domino effect that now has be searching the city for all sorts of fabric. Very cool stuff. Much love to Cyndi for sewing and embroidering. Here's Sherri's testimony:

"You'll probably think I'm crazy to get one for our cat, but she's elderly, and she loves to sleep on our bed, both during the day and at night. I put that blanket down at the bottom for her, in hopes of keeping the cat hair off the comforter, and let me tell you, she was instantly in love with it!! She slept on it all evening yesterday evening, and all night last night - when I left this morning, that's where she was. She must know it was made just for her - so tell Perry that Mia the cat loves her blanket!"

I hope she sends me a picture!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sewing Help.....

Cyndi may or may not appreciate this photo of her, but I think it's a nice photo, and it happens to be on my computer. Well mom got some sewing help, since I have yet to sit myself down at the sewing machine to sew. I did a whole lot of pinning and trimming. Cyndi sews, and sews quite well from what I've seen. I can't even sew straight. Ask Connie, her blanket looks crazy, shhhh....I don't think she noticed and it was a gift, so she can't complain. She knew it was from my heart. So not only is Cyndi sewing, she has an embroidery machine and is offering her embroidery services so for an extra $5 we can throw a name on there. How about that for a sweet hook up? So had to show Cyndi some love since she's sewing....and well I'm not...yet! But I see some serious sewing in my future. We are at 28 orders, 10 have been completed. Room for plenty more. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blanket Madness

Mom worked hard on blankets this weekend. As did I. It was my job to pin and trim. And that I did. Nice to have Geegaw around, even if she is busy busy busy. She got to listen to her music and sew her little heart out.

Posted by Picasa We got about half our orders completed. Hope to get more orders this week. If I don't I'll just make blankets to sell. Theres so many material options out there, lots of fun blankets to be had. Tell your friends and direct them here. It's for a good cause.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sweat Shop is Open this weekend.

Well I purchased material yesterday and today. I'm up to 18 orders. Very good start indeed. Please, please, please, send me pictures of your beautiful kids or family members who may have one of these blankets. Cute kids sell blankets, like half naked women sell cars. I'm just saying.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blanket 411

So what's all this craziness all about. Let me tell you. My child is in 2nd grade and has spent the past 2 years struggling in a traditional class room. Why you might ask? Because for one he's a kid with ADD and expecting him to sit and listen to a talking head (sorry teachers) for many hours a day is completely unreasonable. On top of his inability even while medicated to focus on what's being taught he also has a language based learning disability. What does that mean in simple terms? Well the way I understand it is, when you are speaking to him because of this problem, and lack of focus he may hear the first 3 words you say and then stop listening, because he's trying to comprehend the first 3 words. In the meantime you are still talking. And trust me he ain't listening unless you are talking about Chicken Little, Finding Nemo, or any other character he might be in love with at the moment. So in the short meeting with the child psychologist from childrens hospital, she mentioned and reccomended Springer School. So being the keen investigator I am I investigated, only to find the perfect learning enviroment for my child, in my very own city. A special school for kids with learning disabilities. Problem was the cost......completely comparable to that of a college tuition. So I applied for financial aid at the school, and was awarded a good amount but not enough to get the tuition to fit into my budget. So as God would have it I began finding other means, considering my husband was completely stressed about the cost. Oh yee of little faith! If it's God plan it'll happen, that's just who I am, and so it is. Blanket selling seems to be quite successful, and will get me where I need to be, I am completely confident in that. Thanks to my multitalented sewing maniac mother. If you recieve a blanket and the stitches are slightly off, that's because we have lots of orders and I had to chip in. Blanket facts:
54" x 44"
Great for babies, kids and adults
Awesome for summer camp, nursing homes, sporting events and traveling.
One side is flannel other side is cotton
sewn with great love by Geegaw
I am going to try for about 8-10 blankets a week. Which means we are at a 2 week waiting period. There is one up on e-bay under Yoda0419. With all the orders I'm not sure I'll be putting anymore up on ebay unless we get more sewers. We can pretty much do most themes, that's my thought now until I go shopping, but so far I've not got any unreasonable requests. So fire away.

Blankets for Perry

Ok so I created a blog just for Blankets for Perry. If I can I am going to get pictures of fabric options and post them here that way folks will be able to see the endless possibilities. Plus once folks start using the blankets, they can send me pictures and I can post them to show all the people helping to support Perry in his quest to learn in his own unique way.