Thursday, June 01, 2006


You can view my other blog for more details. Springer is sort of up in the air as of right now. Seems his IQ isn't high enough among other issues. Right, and that's easy to take, when you know your kid is super smart, just extremely difficult to test. Frustrating when you feel this is the perfect place for him. Though the administrator we spoke to was correct in saying we don't want to enter into this relationship, which is extremely costly, and inconvenient, if they aren't equipt with the knowledge or the tools to help him. Not to worry the money we have raised thus far will be put to good use, he'll still need some occupational therapy as well as some tutoring. Besides Springer is taking his case before a larger "campfire" so to speak, have highly skilled learning disability specialists take a look and see where we stand. Send up some words that the right thing happens. In the mean time Cyndi send a better picture. She and mom have sewn 9 blankets in the past week. I have purchased the material. Fun Fun Fun! Ok just kidding the picture wouldn't upload for some reason? I'll get it in another post. Cyndi will be oh so happy!


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